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"All you talk about is veganism. Don’t you want to accomplish something before you die?"

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Steak houses

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Yeah bitch cause you deserve it

Yeah bitch cause you deserve it

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Meat Eater: “Vegan, Vegetarian. Tomayto, Tomahto…”

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screaminfuschia asked: Do you know of any vegan energy drinks?


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muscs asked: I just wanted to say i completely support the vegetarianism hate or whatever you would like to call it. Being a vegetarian is almost no better than someone saying "I'm cutting out fish for a few days a week" or "I'm just eating less meat". Still supporting horrible industries except it usually comes with the mindset of doing good. And vegetarianism can be for anything; health, preference, ignorance etc, just not for the animals. It's just a diet, unlike veganism, so everyone should shut up :)

yisss thank you

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Anonymous asked: what's your opinion on vegetarians?


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thehylianprince asked: I may be a little bit in love with you ladies.


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raslett asked: Yaaasss someone who doesn't care whether they're pushy or not because they realise animals lives are more important than manners

Yeah girl!!

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"Would you ever marry a meat-eater?"