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Picturing your ideal cuddle sesh


Other Girls




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Talking about veganism in front of other vegans


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"I recommend you eat meat at least once a week…"

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Anonymous said: You are the worst kind of vegan. Sincerely other Vegans x

"You are too vocal. Sincerely apologists x"

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Anonymous said: Oh by the way you're an asshole. Vegetarians are doing just as good to the world as vegans are.


fuck u lol

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Anonymous said: I know nothing of the wool industry. Could you tell me about it and why vegans choose not to use it, please?

the stars = my personal fav 

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When someone asks you a question about being vegan, and a non-vegan answers for you: 


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Anonymous said: Opinions on vegetarians

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Anonymous said: Is it so difficult to just be respectful of people with differing opinions than yours? Yeah, carnists have shitty opinions but it doesn't give you the right to be mean.

But carnists’ opinions give them the right to exploit, abuse and murder living, breathing, feeling animals? Are you on glue?

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Anonymous said: Hello, I've been a pescatarian (wild only) since the beginning of this year, & I've been having issues gaining the respect of my father (an influential commercial fisherman in Alaska & avid hunter) and pretty much everyone else I know. I am working to eliminate dairy and leather goods, and get closer to a vegan lifestyle (or as close as possible) but my father would disown me if I ever stopped eating fish. Do you have any advice on how to gain respect for my choices, living in such a situation?

Your father sounds like a dickhead. If he honestly doesn’t love you because you’re trying to do as little harm to the planet and animals as possible, then he’s probably not a very good person. Regardless, I know how important it is to maintain family relationships, so hopefully this can help you out: