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Anonymous asked: Your sass towards vegetarianism is like a fresh, Leaping Bunny banana-scented perfume to me and is literally the highlight of my dash right now. I wonder when people will get that the dairy and egg industries regularly kill animals (frequently newborns) on a profound scale. Vegetarianism is pretty much carnism's older brother, and the meat industry is wearing all of its butchered, sad hand-me-downs. There is absolutely zero difference in terms of animal rights.

<333333333 love u

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violentbaudelaire asked: I just don't get why anyone would think that vegans really think like that... you have to be a serrrrriously confused vegan if you SUPPORT vegetarians or carnists

yeah like congrats on being a traitor ya piece of shit ****faction before blood***

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When somebody tells me they’re a hunter

What I want to say:

What I actually say:

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"I’ve been a vegetarian for six months"

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kbilliard97 asked: I am in high school and went vegan about 6 months ago. However, I have just recently had a palatal expander put in with braces soon to come. Could you give any suggestions of vegan-friendly foods that are soft? Particularly ones that incorporate vegetables?

butternut squash soup is my fucking jaaaaaaam

or banana icecream

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Anonymous asked: i think youre whole take on vegetarianism is pretty shitty im not gonna lie obviously its partly cause i am vegetarian but i am genuinely curious as to why you look down on it so much

i don’t care

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Anonymous asked: Just because your a vegan doesn't mean you are better and superior than everyone else, especially vegetarians. I hope you learn to respect other peoples opinions one day lovely. Btw I'm a vegan also.

Respect the opinions of people to slaughter and kill living creatures btw I’m vegan ~*~*~*~* this is definitely real and not a lie ~*~*~*~

April 23, 2014

Anonymous asked: This blog is fantastic!


April 23, 2014

seagullcharmer asked: I seriously love this blog. ♡♡♡♡ omg I relate to everything!!! I have been a vegan for one year now and I am loving it!!! ♡♡♡♡


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Anonymous asked: a lot of wines have animal products in them, a lot of vegan dont know this, just warning you guys btw im vegan too